Enhance. Expand. Cultivate.

Through its activities and services, AHMO officers and staff encourage and help all members to enhance, expand, and cultivate their professional abilities.

Discounted Magazine

AHMO membership provides each member with an opportunity to receive one (1) subscription at a significantly reduced price.

Texas, Town & City • $15 ($30 standard price),

Membership Types

AHMO Membership consists of three categories. Annual membership dues are $75.00.

  • Elected Officials
    Any Hispanic elected municipal official in Texas such as mayor, councilmember, alderperson, commissioner, and other municipal elected officials.
  • Appointed Official
    Any Hispanic appointed municipal official in Texas such as city manager, city administrator, city attorney, city secretary, and other appointed officials.
  • Associate Membership
    Individuals and organizations may be granted associate membership by the Executive Committee.